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Abuse survivor says protecting perpetrators through confession is 'morally wrong'

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12:08 Tuesday 15 April 2014
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AUDIO: A priest told Newstalk he would not break the seal of confession

Marie Collins says it is 'morally wrong' for child abusers to be protected through the seal of confession. A survivor herself, she was recently appointed to a Vatican commission on protecting children from abuse.

She has been speaking after a priest this morning told how he would do anything to protect a child - but would not break the seal of confession.

Father Gearóid Ó Donnchú, a retired parish priest, was speaking in light of the publication yesterday of the Children First Bill.

The new law makes it mandatory for professionals - including clergy - to report situations where they believe children are at risk.

Marie Collins told the Pat Kenny Show here on Newstalk that the policy advocated by Fr. Ó Donnchú is unacceptable.

Father Ó Donnchú told Newstalk Breakfast earlier he is not sure if his stance would break the law - but if it does then he would be prepared to do that.



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