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Astronaut tweets picture of Dublin from space

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Padraig Prendergast
16:45 Sunday 6 January 2013
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Dublin from an angle like you've never seen before

Astronaut Chris Hadfield is a mission specialist on STS-74 and STS-100.

Hadfield is currently living in space aboard the international space station (ISS) as flight engineer on Expedition 34, to be Commander of Expedition 35.

The Canadian astronaut has been orbiting earth since launching aboard a Soyuz supercraft to the ISS on December 19, 2012 where he will live and work for five months. 

Objectives of his mission include:

Whilst residing in the ISS, Hadfield has begun an interesting past-time of taking still images of earth and displaying them back to earth via his Twitter account.

Newstalk's own Chris Donoghue saw an opportunity and took it upon himself in persuading Hadfield to tweet a photo of Ireland from space.  

Donoghue then proceeded by tweeting his 7,177 followers to kindly convince Hadfield to send a photo of Ireland.  

Just over an hour later the astronaut cryptically tweeted his 84,983 followers with this: 

Within minutes came hundreds of retweets and favourites placing both Hadfield and Donoghue amongst the top trends in Ireland.  

This is the original picture as tweeted by Hadfield before rotation.

Hadfield, NASA’s Tom Marshburn and Russia’s Roman Romanenko’s Soyuz spacecraft launched on December 19, 2012 from the Baikonour Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan. 


Padraig Prendergast

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