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Irish actress Sarah Bolger wants to work with sister again

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Padraig Prendergast
18:00 Monday 25 February 2013
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She's wanted to act for as far back as she can remember

Actress Sarah Bolger first captured our hearts in Jim Sheridan’s In America but she’s since then travelled a long road between appearing in the The Tudors and her current TV hit, Once Upon A Time and is teetering on the brink of international stardom.

Sarah says it was a complete fluke how she and her sister Emma got the In America gig from Jim Sheridan when she was just 10 years of age and while in school in Rathfarnam.

"They don’t hire children in the industry. You just happen to be a child and you have to grow up."

Sarah said she "would kill to work with her sister again who has taken time out for school" and who finds the criticism in the world of acting hard to take.

"It does take a knock to your confidence but you have to go into every job thinking you are going to get it."

After being unsuccessful in auditioning and securing a part in Les Misérables Bolger revealed actors don't get 90% of the jobs they go for but jokingly adds she now knows all of the songs to the musical verbatim.

She joined Chris and Norah this morning on Newstalk Breakfast with her dad Derek:

Derek owns a butchers in Rialto on Dublin's southside and he says to this day patrons call in asking are the girls really his daughters. 

While he had the local butcher in the chair, Chris asked if there was a greater demand for Irish butchers in the aftermath of the horsemeat findings.  

The 21 year old actress was back in Ireland for the premiere of her latest psychological thriller film, The Moth Diaries, that took place last Saturday at Dublin's Cineworld on Parnell Street as part of the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival.


Padraig Prendergast

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