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Fr Ted creator talks about the time he received mass in a car

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Sandra Roche
00:00 Friday 12 October 2012
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Arthur Matthews, one of the writers behind Fr.Ted, has revealed that he once received Mass in a car in Dublin Airport.

Speaking to Tom Dunne on Newstalk he explained:

“My uncle Tom used to come over regularly to Ireland to say a Memorial mass for my mother. He was flying in from Birmingham and I had to fly out to London the same day so he said “Sure I’ll say mass in the car”.

We went to the car-park, myself and my sister got in the back of the car. He got everything out of the boot, the chalice and hosts. So, he sat in the driver seat and said a very quick mass, about ten minutes or so, gave a little sermon about my mother in the middle of it. We were just watching him in the rear-view mirror!”

Arthur Matthews also revealed that he and Graham Linehan are unlikely to reprise their Fr.Ted partnership.

Asked by Tom Dunne whether he thinks he will ever write another comedy series with his old partner he said:

“I see Graham a lot and we’re good mates but there’s probably no need to”

In the same interview he also revealed that it’s highly unlikely that he’d ever work again with his fellow Father Ted comedy writer.

You can listen to the entire interview below:


Sandra Roche

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