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Vitamins are good for you, right?

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Brian O' Neill
00:00 Monday 17 June 2013
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In his new book "Killing US Softly", Dr Paul Offit argues that alliterative medicine is doing people more harm than good!

More people than ever are using alternative medicine. But, as expert Dr Paul Offit explains, these untested therapies are ineffective, expensive and even deadly.

In ‘Killing Us Softly’ Paul Offit reveals, alternative medicine – an unregulated industry under no obligation to prove its claims or admit its risks – can actually be very harmful.

Dr. Offit joined Sean Moncrieff to discuss Homeopathic treamtments, Acupuncture needles that have pierced hearts, lungs, and liver, bogus cancer cures, and worrying effects of over using Vitamins

‘There’s no such thing as alternative medicine. There’s only medicine that works and medicine that doesn’t.’ 


Brian O' Neill

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