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Moncrieff is a lively mix of phone-ins, insightful text messages and stories from around the world and down your street.
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Sean Moncrieff

Sean Moncrieff has presented the afternoon show on Newstalk since May 2004. He was born in London to an Irish mother and a Scottish father. When he was twelve, his family moved to Ballinasloe, County Galway. After school he studied journalism in Dublin and later on did a degree in English and Philosophy in University College Dublin.

Sean has a wealth of experience in the media. He has devised and presented many hit television programmes: The End, Good Grief Moncrieff, Black Box and Don’t Feed The Gondolas, which was nominated for an IFTA Award. In the UK, Sean has worked for the television trade magazine Broadcast, a researcher for Channel 4 and as a scriptwriter and presenter for the BBC, Channel 4 and Channel 5.

Sean has presented The Big 40, a celebration of forty years of Irish television, Ireland Undercover, HQ, The Holiday Quiz and is the voice of The Restaurant. He is much in demand as a voice-over artist and writes a weekly column for The Examiner newspaper.

His first novel, Dublin, was published in May 2001 by Doubleday and reached the bestseller lists in Ireland. A non-fiction book, Stark Raving Rulers: twenty minor despots of the twenty-first century, was published in October 2004, followed by God, A Users’ Guide in 2006. A second novel, The History of Things, was published in September 2007. His latest novel Angel of the Streetlamps was published November 2012.

Moncrieff is current winner of the prestigious PPI Radio Gold Award for Best Speech Driven Programme.

About the show

Moncrieff is a lively mix of phone-ins, insightful text messages and stories from around the world and down your street.

Regular Features

What's on? - At 4.20pm every weekday, the Moncrieff team do their What's on? features. This gives you a guide on what is happening around the country. We will give you the relevant information on the biggest gigs, theatre productions, what to watch on the TV or even if you fancy going to the cinema we’ll have the details!

Fact of the Day - Every day you learn something new on Moncrieff, whether it’s how fish communicate through farting or the history of the death penalty. Well we’re making it even easier now. Learn a bite size ‘Fact of the Day’ on Moncrieff! It could happen at any time throughout the show so listen out and be amazed (or perplexed, or tickled pink, or scared!)

Around the World - Every Monday at 3pm journalist Noirin Hegarty comes in to studio to talk about the headlines from around the world that might not have hit our national airwaves.  From treaty negotiations in Guam to football scores Zambia, Noirin keeps us updated.

The Obituary Slot - Each Monday at 3.45pm, fomer film censor John Kelleher, comes into studio to tell Sean all about someone who died recently that we may not have known. The slot highlights figures that have influenced the lives around us … even though we may not know their name.

The History Slot - Graham Finlay, lecturer from UCD School of Politics and International Relations, comes in at 3pm every Tuesday to have a thoughtful, meandering look at a moment in time in human history.  Topics are triggered by current events and Graham brings us back in time to better understand where we are now.

Parenting - Every Wednesday at 3pm, Moncrieff is joined by a parenting expert to answer questions sent in from listeners. If you have a question please email us at afternoon@newstalk.ie with Parenting in the subject line.

Farming - Every Wednesday at 3.45pm, Mairead Lavery from the Irish Farmers Journal comes in to talk us through what is going on in the farming community that week. Whether your work involves walking the fields or sitting at a desk it’s always good to know what lullaby milk is and what exactly an AI man does!

Food with Paolo Tullio - Are you a food lover? Want to know more about where your food comes from and a new recipe thrown in to boot? Then tune in every Thursday at 3pm when Paolo Tullio will be taking us on a trip down culinary lane.

Movies & Booze - Every Friday at 3.20pm, Sean is joined in studio by our movie reviewer and booze expert to discuss the latest cinema releases and a selection of beer or wine. Each week in a relaxed and casual environment the three chat about movies over some beer or wine just like being in a pub or at a dinner party! If you are interested If you are interested in what you have heard and want to find out more, log on to the website, twitter and Facebook to learn all about the wines and beers, stockists, recipes, movie reviews and more! Whether you’re a connoisseur of vintage claret or if you don’t know your Riesling from your Rioja, or if you simply enjoy sampling the many different beers, lagers and ales of the world, Movies and Booze is the place for you. Movies & Booze comes to you with thanks to Santa Rita Wines.

The Q-Tip - The Q Man selects a track every Friday at 4.25pm to kick off your weekend.

Why? - Life is full of many beautiful mysteries and here on Moncrieff we try our hardest to help you solve some of the more obscure ones. Mick O’Hare from the New Scientist Magazine joins us on Moncrieff to talk us through how many cows it would take to fill the Grand Canyon with milk or whether fish can communicate through farting.