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With his trademark mix of news, comment and opinion, George Hook hosts Newstalk’s drivetime talk show every evening from 4.30pm – 7pm.
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16 year old Jordan Egan talks to George about her chronic pain and the song she hopes will pay for her treatment

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Naomi Linehan
18:05 Monday 8 July 2013
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Download Easy for an Angel from Itunes to help Jordan to pay for treatment

This weekend on Saturday Night with Miriam George surprised a loyal fan of the programme with a big bunch of flowers. 

Jordan Egan is 16 years old and suffers from a rare genetic disorder which means she suffers from chronic pain. Sometimes at night she finds it difficult to sleep, so she listens to The Right Hook. 

It all began for Jordan 15 months ago when she was playing football with her brother and her cousin. She slipped and fell on her back. Since then she has felt constant pain. She has had a headache for months, which never goes away. She has since been diagnosed with ehlers-danlos syndrome. 

This means she has to travel to London every six weeks for treatment, as there are no experts to treat her condition in Ireland. 

Her family are paying for the treatment themselves as the cost is not being covered by the HSE or any private health insurer. 

In order to help cover the costs they have recorded a wonderful song - which is sung by Jordan, penned by her mother Karen, to express how she feels about the whole situation. 

Easy for an Angel is available for download on itunes. 

Jordan is currently in the top 5 Itunes downloads in Ireland.

To give your support to this wonderful young personn all you have to do is click on this link to download Easy for an Angel for just 99c: 


Have a listen to George speaking to Jordan on the programme today: 


When Jordan was told George was coming on the show to surprise her 



 Photographs courtesy of RTE


Naomi Linehan

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