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Former VP of Cycling Ireland on resignation over decision to back Pat McQuaid

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Eoin Brennan
10:45 Wednesday 17 April 2013
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Anthony Moran on last night's Off the Ball

In September the UCI – cycling’s much maligned governing body – will hold its presidential election. Pat McQuaid, the current UCI president, has indicated he will seek a third term as the head of the organisation. To be eligible for the election he must first seek a nomination from the cycling federation in his country of residence. In McQuaid’s case that meant going before the board of Cycling Ireland to seek their endorsement; something which he did last Friday.

At the vote the six member board backed McQuaid, with four votes in his favour, one abstention and one vote against. The man who voted against is Anthony Moran, the now former vice president of the organisation. Moran resigned from his position yesterday, on a point of principle, in response to the decision to back McQuaid.

McQuaid’s endorsement has disappointed many observers as the Irishman has been intrinsically, and very often negatively, linked with much of the controversy surrounding doping in cycling in recent years, most notably the Lance Armstrong scandal.

Moran was on last night’s Off the Ball and spoke to Ger Gilroy about the reasons behind his resignation, how the decision of his fellow board members left him "shocked", the build-up the vote and how the on-going scandals in the sport – over several years – had drained his love of professional cycling to the point where he finally felt he could no longer stand by the people running his sport.

“There’s only so much a man can take.”

“There was no way I could say to the UCI ‘Jog on, everything’s fine’ because I don’t believe it has been fine.

“There has to be change and we have to bring the sport on,” Moran said.

Moran also told Ger that his decision has received support from across the world, including a message from Betsy Andreu; the wife of a former teammate of Lance Armstrong and one of the most important voices in exposing Armstrong's doping crimes to the world.

Listen to the full interview with Anthony Moran via the player below

Image: Pat McQuaid, President of the UCI  ©INPHO/James Crombie


Eoin Brennan

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